Ready-K! The Kindergarten Readiness Preparation and Evaluation Test
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Ready-K! The Kindergarten Readiness Preparation and Evaluation Test

Ages: 0 - 5
Price: $2.99
Type: Mobile App
By Bacciz LLC


Ready-K! helps kids learn the needed skills to successfully transition to kindergarten by giving parents and teachers the optimal tools to equip students with the knowledge they need. It also generates comprehensive progress reports that allow parents and teachers to assess learners’ strengths and identify areas that need improvement, helping to optimize a child’s success.

"How do you know if your child is ready for kindergarten?" asks Dori Larea, founder of Mind Labs Florida. "Children go through many transitions throughout their lives, but one of the most important is the one from a preschool program to kindergarten. During this period, behavior is shaped and attitudes are formed that will influence children throughout their education and life. Because of increasing concern that US children are not getting adequate education to compete in a global market, new standards emerged in our schools that "pushed back" academic skills to earlier grades. The role of kindergarten has changed from an extension of preschool to a much more academic environment."

Based on the Common Core State Standards Initiative, Ready-K! contains 12 interactive and engaging scenes that progressively become more challenging for the child as they learn at their own pace.

Each scene is comprised of 8 questions, which teach and test a separate skill set. These are comprised of:

1. Quantitative language
2. Early literacy (includes alphabetic knowledge, vocabulary, print awareness, and phonological awareness)
3. Visual discrimination (includes visual scanning, event sequencing, size comparison, classifying, and patterns identifying)
4. Color Awareness
5. Geometry
6. Math and Number Awareness (includes number recognition, rote counting, one-to-one correspondence, number sense, addition, and subtraction)
7. Positional understanding
8. Descriptive language

Ready-K! incentivizes play by adding an interactive element in the form of a cartoon dog named Bacci. For each scene, Bacci challenges learners to help them complete a special trick. With each correct answer, Bacci rewards the child by advancing them towards completion of the trick. When 8 correct answers are recorded, Bacci will entertain the child with the entire trick.

Feature Highlights:

* Entertaining and engaging User Interface
* Oprimizes and identifies child's preparedness for kindergarten
* Based on Common Core State Standards Initiative
* 12 interactive scenes
* Progressive level of difficulty
* 8 questions which test a separate skill set per scene
* Incentivized play
* Generates objective and comprehensive progress report
* 100% kid-friendly with no ads or in-app purchases
* Includes tutorial on Common Core Standards

In the Parent's Corner, Ready-K! generates an objective and comprehensive progress report at the completion of the assessment. This progress report includes a percentage score per skill set, a verbal performance summary, and a detailed list of which concepts were answered correctly or incorrectly. By identifying the child's strengths and weaknesses, this report can help the parent determine the child's readiness for kindergarten.

"Most kids find tests boring or scary," says Alan Bigio, President of Bacciz LLC. "Ready-K! was rooted in the belief that to teach a child, one must think like a child. Ready-K! includes a wide variety of games to capture the child's attention and motivate them to excel in learning. To ensure that Ready-K! is the best educational app for kindergarten assessment, I partnered with Dori Larea, who holds an M.A. degree in Educational Management and Leadership and serves as Program Director of Mind Lab South Florida. Mr. Larea's vision of developing thinking abilities and life skills through strategy games are perfectly and profoundly articulated in this app. Ready-K! is entertaining, engaging, full of play, and an excellent tool for preparing children for kindergarten.”

Review Highlights:

This app is packed with essential Pre-K/K skills and aligned with the Common Core. Ready-K! The Kindergarten Readiness Preparation and Evaluation Test covers descriptive and quantitative language, early literacy skills, visual discrimination, color awareness, geometry, number awareness, and positional language.

I liked the depth of understanding this app reaches for as well as the ability to check on my child's progress in any given skill practiced. Although I do like the music room idea, I think the instruments could have been identified before they made sounds. My son loves this app.

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