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Kids Album

Ages: 0 - 7 (Fun for All Ages)
Price: $14.00
Type: Audio CD
By CoCreative Music


Jon Samson produces original family music, and reinvents some traditional children songs to inspire creativity, expression and encourage exploration of sounds, words, melody and other musical dynamics. Track 2, The Conductor, took first place in the International Songwriting Competition 2010 for the childrens music genre. The songs on the album are highly adaptive. While the CD can be played and enjoyed as is, teachers, parents and caregivers can use the songs as tools to promote fun ways to learn new words, rhyming, body awareness, etc.

Review Highlights:

Jonís CD is overflowing with diverse sounds, infectious beats, and lyrical content that aims to teach children about everything from body awareness to world cultures. A lot of time and effort was spent writing and recording on this album. Each track is recorded, mixed and produced with an attention to detail that rivals any major label act. His intentions are honest and sincere and aim to develop self-esteem, creativity, exploration of sound, and social awareness.† Most importantly though, his songs are engaging for both children and adults and deserve recognition. The second track, The conductor introduces children into the role of the conductor in a band. Jon not only describes how a conductor directs musicians to play at certain tempos, but the song changes speed according to his words: 'Will we play fast, will we play slow, will we play loud and will we play quietly.' Children listen, sing along and move to the alternative tempos set by the conductor. This is a very engaging tune to teach child about tempo and the role of the conductor. We are limited in space so I will mention only one more song, track three, Anywhere We Want. This hooky childrenís pop tune introduces children to multiple cultures in a single song. Children get a small taste of each culture. Jon touches on diverse rhythms and modalities from India, Thailand, Japan, Africa, Jamaica, France, and Scotland to mention few. Where should we go exemplifies the ideal message to children: playful interaction with others in a global society.

My 5 year old boy loves this cd! His favorites are 5 Little Monkeys, Iím Still Learning How To Dance and Radio Voice. He loves how the kids are singing on the CD with Jon. I think this interaction with the music is great for him. It makes him feel like he is more a part of the song instead of just being a listener. Jon Samson is our favorite! My son said to tell you that 'you are the best!'

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