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Ages: 4 and up
Price: $19.99
Type: Game
By Funnybone Toys


Imagine, Build, Connect, and Play with Dazzling Arrays of Color

Arrazzles lets you explore abstract geometrical configurations. Each card has one of five different patterns of slots allowing for countless abstract building and design opportunities. Arrazzles cards are covered in five beautiful, reflective metallic colors, with a different color on each side of the card. As you build and connect the cards, the metallic colors reflect off each other. The hole in the middle of each card allows for further form exploration - it's sized to perfectly hold a standard plastic straw, so you can connect the cards that way, or string them together with yarn or pipe cleaner, allowing you to build a completely unique abstraction every time you play!

"Arrazzles is for anyone who appreciates good design. By connecting colorful pieces you create unique configurations and instantly become your own artist. Arrazzles is also a wonderful tool to introduce children to abstract thinking." -- Jenny Wolf, Interior Designer in NYC, and mom


Review Highlights:

I found Arazzles interesting and engaging. I liked how it could be used individually, with a partner, or a group. It fostered higher thinking skills in a fun format.

Arrazzles is a fantastic and beautiful game/toy to play with your children. I was lucky enough to receive this product to review and found the shapes, combinations, and colors to be very attractive and magnetic. My children dumped them all on the floor and there they lay like metallic flowers spread out in random patterns just waiting to be played with. The inital structures were simple and many and we seemed to make a whole city of structures. "Cars" and "buildings" popped up all over the floor looking very imaginative and futuristic. Problem solving was also involved as my son made different sculptures while finding the right pieces to angle his shapes the way he wanted them. Eventually larger more comlicated structures were enjoyed too. My children collaborated on building structures which contributes so much to their socio-emotional health! The array of games to play with Arrazles were plentiful as well. Although, they were abandoned by the youngest children a few times to continue with the free-flow construction. We will be spending more time in the future exploring these games. For now, Arrazzles has already provided hours of play and joy for my family.

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