Key to the Front Door
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Key to the Front Door

Ages: 8 and up
Price: $29.95
Type: Game
By Avara Educational Quests, LLC


Key to the Front Door is an educational, reality money game. Appropriate for ages 8 up, life skills classes, and is currently in elementary, and high school teaching required financial literacy class. The game teaches budgets, savings, charity, wants vs. needs, practical shopping, responsible paying of bills, decision making, and much more. The goal of the game is to furnish your apartment while you continue to pay your bills and navigate the decisions and choices in the form of 'key cards'. Everyone can learn through play! Patent Pending.


Review Highlights:

Key to the Front Door was a good supplement to the Personal Finance course that my daughter recently finished. The game introduces students to the "envelope system" of money management, rewards responsible financial choices, and provides extensive practice in recording income and expenses, since all purchases or income must be recorded. Students learn that they can save a lot of money with garage sales, thrift stores, and sales, rather than paying full price.

I love to see learning opportunities in game format. My daughter hasn't had much practice actually recording income and expenses in real life, but after just one play through of the game, I feel confident that she will be able to balance a checkbook or keep up with a budget. She loved the game, even though it required her to do math on every turn, and I'm sure we will continue to play it.

Balancing a checkbook is a skill that is often overlooked so it was nice that it was incorporated into a game. One of the key cards had all the players to use a local grocery store ad and make a grocery list for two days worth of meals and calculate the expense. The game was very engaging and I think it most accurately portrayed real life financial situations. I appreciate that there are options to purchase items at garage sale/thrift store and not just retail since that practice teaches one to live within a tighter budget. My entire family enjoyed the game. Being able to understand finances is one of the most important basic skills a person should master before moving out and becoming independent, yet it is the least taught skill. This game provides great opportunity to learn how to budget while still providing an element of fun and competition.

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