Big City Vehicles - Cars and Trucks for Kids
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Big City Vehicles - Cars and Trucks for Kids

Ages: 1 - 4
Price: $2.99
Type: Mobile App, Game
By The Melody Book


Let your little ones explore city life with its many vehicles and surroundings. Meet the funny animal characters and learn about vehicles in the street, the sky and the subway.

Designed for kids, ages 1-4, Big City Vehicles is full of games, fun surprises and educational tasks that will develop your child's creativity and problem solving skills. Your toddlers can help to mix cement, put out fire, help the paramedic and shovel rocks with a bulldozer.


Over 25 city vehicles: ice cream truck, fire truck, ambulance, tractor, bulldozer, school bus, garbage truck, taxi, police car, airplane, helicopter and many more!
Easy to use interactive features designed for little fingers.
Apple watch app included! It works just like a remote control for your app so you can select the vehicle you want to display and turn the music on or off.
Nine engaging and educational tasks that will teach your child about the use of each car and truck:
Mix cement and construct a concrete ramp.
Help the firemen put out the fire.
Help the sanitary workers to move trash into the garbage truck.
Assist the paramedics in the ambulance.
Shovel rocks with the bulldozer.
Assist the mailman with packages and letters.
Assist the electric company workers by handing them tools.
Help the farmer in the tractor to sort fruits and veggies.
Sort yummy cookies from the cookie truck.

Review Highlights:

I really enjoyed the sweet tune that starts as the app opens up. The building colors are gentle to the eye and there is so much to explore! My 5 year old and I started by pushing the bulldozer. With a simple click, he was totally engaged. We then when down to the subway and noticed lots of new characters to click on and interact with. This scene started a great conversation about transportation and how we can travel on streets, underground or even in the sky. We then followed the arrow up to the sky where we interacted with a hot air balloon, helicopter and airplane. We spoke about different roles in a community, diversity, and transportation - all subjects being a part of first grade standards. Although this app is most likely designed for preschoolers, my kindergartner loved it!

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