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How To Submit Your Product


  1. Complete our Online Application and pay the appropriate fees (shown below).
  2. Send three (3) samples of each product to the address on the application.

Submission Fees:

Basic entry: $500.00 per product
Premium entry: $1000.00 per product
(Premium entry includes $1000 worth of advertising—even if your entry does not win!)

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Basic Entry Benefits
Winners Receive FREE

  • Digital Award Seals for use on stickers, web sites, and printed materials
  • Dedicated web page for your product on
  • Links from to your web site
  • Product advertising on sites such as,,,, and more!
  • Product advertising on Blogger Advocate sites such as and
  • Winner's list sent directly to 12,000+ parent & teacher Academics' Choice newsletter subscribers
  • Winner's list sent directly to more than 1,400 toy, media, and book resellers
  • Winner's list sent directly to more than 10,000 newspaper/magazine editors, TV and radio stations
  • Product promotion on the homepage of
  • Product promotion on the Award Winner Category page
  • Reviewer highlight testimonials / panelist quotes (when submitted by reviewers)
  • Product advocacy via Academics’ Choice outreach, press, and partners
  • Possible brand exposure through Articles, Features, and Apps
  • Cooperative advertising opportunities and partner discounts
  • Winners certificate for display purposes

Premium Entry Benefits
Guaranteed Product Exposure ($1000 value)--even if your entry does not win!

  • Run-of-Site Banner Ads on for two (2) months
  • Product Review Blog Post by Highly Trafficked Influential Blogger (reach 25,000+)
  • Banner Ad in Smart Media & Toy Newsletter (12,000+ parent & teacher subscribers)
  • Featured Product listing on homepage for two (2) months
(If your entry wins then you get all of the basic benefits too, plus the premium benefits for each entry).

Winners may use the seal on packaging, web sites, and advertising materials. There is no added fee for a high resolution version of the award seal, unlike many other awards companies.


Payment of Entry Fees
Entry fees may be paid by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, check or money order. Upon request we will provide you with a paid receipt (proof of payment) after paying via Paypal.
Payment by Check/Money Order
Please send one check or money order for all entry fees made payable in U.S. funds to Academics' Choice. Returned checks will be subject to a $30 fee.
Notification Process
Announcements will be sent via e-mail to the contact listed on the entry form. 


Submission and Announcement Dates

The Academics' Choice Awards™ are announced in the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Submitted October 5 – March 10: Results announced end of April (Spring).

Submitted March 11 – June 30: Results announced mid-to-late August (Summer).

Submitted July 1 – October 4: Results announced end of November (Fall).

Submissions may be rolled into subsequent review/announcement periods to give ample time for evaluation and reviewer assignment. Entries are accepted year-round.


Additional Services/Products:

These additional services/products may be purchased separately only after winning an award.

  • One Dedicated eBlast (12,000+ teacher & parent subscribers). Price: $1000
  • Run-of-Site Banner Ad for two (2) months. Price: $450
  • Featured Spotlight Ad in one (1) monthly newsletter. Price: $350
  • Award Spotlight on homepage for two (2) months. Price: $150
  • Banner Ad in one (1) newsletter. Price: $150
  • Special Featured Ad in one (1) newsletter. Price $150
  • Featured Product listing on homepage for two (2) months. Price: $50
  • 100 Award Seal Stickers. Price: $50 (call or email for volume orders)

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Submission Guide

The products accepted are not limited to the categories shown on the site. We welcome thoughtful suggestions.

We accept digital product submissions. All submissions must be complete; we do not accept prototypes, drafts, et cetera. Submissions are not limited by date of copyright (old or new material may be submitted). Products must not contain violence, x-rated content, gender or racial bias, or any illegal content according to US law.

Please Note: Product evaluations and scoring specifics, except for voluntary review highlights, are proprietary and will not be released. Reviewer identities will not be revealed. Submissions will not be returned and submission fees will not be refunded.

Resubmissions are not allowed unless the product has been upgraded, or significantly improved.

The hundreds of products that are not chosen by the Academics’ Choice Awards team (and many that are chosen) are donated to a variety of worthy charities and other organizations.

We offer scholarship opportunities for nonprofits and young mind-builders. We provide financial assistance for inventors, developers, authors and entrepreneurs who have a desire to enter the awards program. There is a standardized application process, with full and partial scholarships available for those who qualify. Contact us for more information.


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