Dopiverse: Learning game
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Dopiverse: Learning game

Ages: 6 - 9
Price: Free with In-App Purchases
Type: App, Game


Dopiverse is an innovative gamified educational game designed specifically for children. It incorporates their favorite game mechanics to make learning fun and engaging. Unlike traditional games, Dopiverse eliminates in-app purchases and unsafe advertisements, providing a safe and immersive environment for young learners. Instead, it offers enriching educational STEAM content, allowing children to explore and develop their knowledge in a playful and interactive manner. Learning becomes a prerequisite for playing games in Dopiverse, as the in-game currency can only be earned through engaging with the STEAM content. This unique approach motivates children to actively participate in educational activities, making education enjoyable and rewarding while fostering a love for learning.

Review Highlights:

Dopiverse is a wonderful educational platform! My 7-year-old thrives on its creative approach to STEAM transforming learning into an adventure. The interactive exercises make complex concepts digestible, while the progress tracking ensures mastery. has turned our home school sessions into joyful learning moments, fostering both understanding and enthusiasm.

Players develop logic and problem-solving, technology, math, creativity and design skills.

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