DreamBox Math on iPad
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DreamBox Math on iPad

Ages: 4 - 12
Price: $25/student/year
Type: App (iPad)
By DreamBox Learning


DreamBox on the iPad provides a deeply personalized math learning experience that motivates and guides learners of all levels to persist, progress, and attain math proficiency. The result is increased achievement, deep understanding, and life-long confidence in math.

For schools executing a tablet strategy, DreamBox Learning Math for iPad can play a key part in students' academic success. DreamBox Learning provides a deeply personalized math learning experience that differentiates content, pace, and sequence for the highest levels of student achievement. Powered by Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology, DreamBox Learning combines rigorous mathematics, an engaging, game-like learning environment and real-time feedback for each student. It motivates and guides all levels of learners to persist, progress and achieve math proficiency. The result is increased achievement, deep understanding, and life-long confidence in math.

Review Highlights:

Dreambox is a K-7 online math program that aims to teach children real world problem solving and critical thinking skills in a fun and engaging way. With the ability to track a child's progress and increase or decrease complexity, it makes the process of learning more efficient for the student. Although it is not a complete curriculum, it would serve as a perfect supplemental source for any school or home school environment. The student's experience will be exciting as the cartoons are very interactive which makes the child actually buy into the mini story designed for each topic. The child then has a reason WHY they are doing the math. There is no drill and kill here. Most content is conceptual and deals with algebraic thinking and deductive reasoning.

Dreambox is a godsend for teachers. It makes tracking and measurement of unit completion a snap. The reports by student are excellent. They are broken down by proficiency, common core standards, and other standards.

Students can work at their own pace and are rewarded with tokens and arcade games as they progress through the lessons. The activities are straightforward, easy to get started, and adaptive, which ensures students complete each lesson with full understanding. The exploratory learning interface allows students to jump around to some extent while at the same time keeps them focused on the scaffolding lessons. The integration of "smart" hints and examples allowed students to learn independently with ease. Little teacher facilitation was required except for some activities at the kindergarten level. My students definitely preferred the game-like environment over other traditional methods of learning the math concepts.

My only complaint is that there appears to be a bug with the mute button, which was easily remedied by muting the iPad volume. I highly recommend this software to teachers and homeschooling parents.

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