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Hoot Reading

Ages: 3 - 12
Price: $88-$216 USD/month
Type: Mobile App, Website
By Hoot Reading


Hoot Reading is an online literacy service that connects kids with experienced classroom teachers, to practice reading over a proprietary video chat App, which was designed based on a research project at Sesame Workshop (the creators of Sesame Street). Hoot Reading is perfect for kids in Pre-K to Gr. 6, and struggling readers of all ages. Through the use of personalized and engaging lessons, and a carefully curated library of over 600 high-quality levelled texts, Hoot Reading aims to help as many kids as possible learn to read and close the gap on the 4th grade reading slump.

Review Highlights:

Hoot is the perfect app for times like these. There are millions of children who will need extra reading practice and this platform is ideal. The screen looks simple enough for a child to use and is the next best thing to having the teacher right next to you. We worked on early reading and fluency.

Hoot Reading is the answer to today's homeschooling problem! We were forced to teach our kids at home because of the pandemic and it has been tough! Hoot will make parents of beginning readers much more comfortable during these times. It is crucial that early readers read daily with a qualified teacher and now that's a possibility. The certified teachers at Hoot know how to engage and help budding readers reach fluency. We particularly liked that the teacher is always the same. The consistency allowed rapport and trust to be developed, which is important when learning and building reading confidence. Thank you, Hoot!

We worked on early reading and fluency. We liked the teacher and how easy it was to connect.

Hoot Reading is an app that allows students K-grade 4 the ability to practice reading skills online with a teacher.

I like that Hoot Reading is a one-on-one tutoring service to help children learn to read. If you have a busy life, some children may struggle with reading if their parents aren't able to help them or read to them at night. There is definitely value in the practice, and I think children respond better when they can focus if it's just them and a teacher. The app is easy to use, the lessons are short (20 minutes), and you can schedule the lessons to fit your schedule.

I like the idea of the product. Reading skills definitely predict future success, and additional reading practice can only help a student achieve more in the future. Also, having a child read with a teacher can be more beneficial than reading with a parent. A teacher can help to correct and instruct to improve fluency-most likely better than a parent.

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