iBiome-Ocean: School Edition
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iBiome-Ocean: School Edition

Ages: 8 - 13
Price: $5.99 (50% discount for schools)
Type: Mobile App
By Springbay Studio Ltd.


iBiome-Ocean: School Edition is the school edition based on the multi award-winning app "iBiome-Ocean". This app aims to engage students in science through gaming. It includes enhanced features on fun experiments and learning progress. It is the second app in the "iBiome" series.

iBiome-Ocean: School Edition is about exploring the natural balance of ocean habitats, building diverse and intricate ecosystems, celebrating the rich diversity of sea life, and studying the human impact on our oceans. It invites students to build 4 virtual bio domes to study 4 unique oceanic habitats: Coral Reef, Tide Pool, Kelp Bed and Open Sea, and learn 62 marine species. New to this app, kids can build 8 everyday items that they can associate with, and unlock the related interactive story pieces as they progress in the game - Ocean and Us. They will study ocean acidity, plastic pollution and overfishing, and understand how our convenience creates challenges for sea life. We encourage kids to do their parts to be part of the solution, and learn our responsibility as environmental stewards through stories.

The "Add Species to Dome" function challenges students to make their virtual domes flourish with life. It invites kids to increase the amount of any species, and see how their changes trigger the complex ripple effect. New to this app, we add a "roll back" function to encourage kids to do more experiments with their virtual habitats. Progress chart will help teachers understand students' progress easily.

We are honored with the great feedback from teachers, like this one from a grade 6 science teacher in California: "iBiome-Ocean allowed my students to discover how food chains and webs work because they could manipulate them using what they read in their science textbooks. I have taught for 38 years, and this is one of the best products to teach ecology that I have used. It teaches students the phenomena of real-life food webs."

Review Highlights:

In iBiome-Ocean: School Edition students join Professor Bio to explore ocean habitats, learn about different ecosystems, food webs, and how people impact the environment. This is a great app to reinforce and visualize concepts during a lesson on ecosystems. The interactive app allows students to observe the natural balance of ocean habitats, manipulate them, and record their findings. The game covers four different biomes: Open Sea, Kelp Bed, Tide Pool, and the Coral Reef. As students build and influence their biodomes, students learn about the organisms and their feeding relationships in the ecosystems (producers, consumers, and predator/prey). My classroom was thoroughly engaged by this app. It brought the ocean's ecosystems and their intricate balancing acts to life, which really helped deepen the learning.

iBiome-Ocean aligns strongly with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) by allowing students to experience the scientific method and process in action, and explore "cause and effect" relationships in aquatic habitats. The "Add Species to Dome" function allowed my students to act and think like scientists. We hypothesized what would happen when we added more of certain species to our virtual biomes, observed and recorded results from our tests in the journal, and with the "roll back" feature we were able to run lots of different tests. This is an innovative app that I highly recommend for enriching life science lessons.

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