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Ages: 2 - 8
Price: Free with In-App Purchases
Type: App, Game
By Jiligaga


Join us and start your English learning journey today. Jiligaga is an English learning app for kids ages 2-8. With the power of technology and language, we help little minds learn more, grow stronger and experience the world through a brighter lens by finding their voice.

We believe learning English should be fun and effective. So we combine interactive learning with animated stories and engaging games together. English learning doesn't have to be boring! Young learners can build skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing while having fun.

What sets us apart?

1. Worry-free parenting
- As an AD-FREE and KID-SAFE app, Jiligaga is dedicated to protecting the mental and physical health of kids when they use electronic devices. Our bite-sized lessons help little ones learn effectively in just 10-15 minutes per day.
- We make our app easy to use for young learners and hands-off for grown-ups. Even small kids can learn on their own.
- To help little ones stay engaged and motivated, we make it easy to learn English through interactive and fun lessons.
- It's easy for parents to know what your kids are learning by going through the learning plan of each unit and lesson.

2. Fun & effective lessons
- Our course is scientifically developed by experienced educators and experts with love and care and is aligned to CEFR, an internationally recognized language standard.
- Our course offers engaging lessons taught by qualified native teachers from America, interactive games, songs, and videos to inspire your little ones to learn their ABCs.
- Kids will be guided through a 6-level course and gain confidence in English by building skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing through learning letters, words and sentences.
- We will help kids master 1000+ words and 200+ expressions after learning 240 lessons and 96 songs.
- We have 70+ themes to explore. Curious minds can experience the world and shine brighter by diving into topics such as All About Me, Daily Life, Nature And Science and so much more.

3. Professional teaching
- Our content is cognitively and physically fitting for the right age. Kids will learn at just the right level and pace no matter their age.
- Phonics lessons enable young learners to master the English alphabet and enhance their phonics proficiency. Phonics is the way that little ones grow to read and write without a second thought.
- Combining the best of AI technology and immersive learning, lessons are tailored to help learners get authentic pronunciation and gain confidence in speaking English under the guidance of native teachers.
- Our systematic approach combats the Forgetting Curve and maximizes learning. Through four simple steps of learning, practicing, reviewing and quizzing, kids are empowered to learn more effectively and efficiently.

On Jiligaga, kids can make friends with our playful characters and build modern skills to thrive while exploring the world.
- Gaga is a magical parrot of passion. He is curious and adventurous.
- Bonnie is a vibrant, confident and helpful big sister.
- Monty appreciates beautiful things and acts like a mini gentleman. He is an artistic and creative boy.
- Sleepy Bear is warm, kind and good-tempered. He can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.
- Fifi Fox is a talented dancer. She is elegant and behaves like a princess.
- Ollie Octopus is a smart inventor. She loves inventing things.

Jiligaga boosts English learning with fun and engaging lessons and makes kids love learning with us!

Jiligaga supports simultaneous learning on multiple devices such as phones and tablets. It's time to start a wonderful journey on Jiligaga no matter when and where you are.

Review Highlights:

As a former ESL instructor, I found Jiligaga to be top notch. The approach makes learning/practing the English language so much more exciting, relevant, interesting and dynamic. The words you are learning and the topics through which you are learning them are truly personalized, and AI scoring allows children to learn independently.

The dynamic lessons, full of animated stories, nursey rhymes, playful characters, and fun games, develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Child learn the alphabet, phonics, numbers, colors, and more. Children develop new vocabulary quickly by listening to the pronunciation of each word and then using it in sentences. Jiligaga also encourages kids to speak what they have learned during the games, which creates an immersive experience. It progresses from single words to teaching short sentences at a comfortable pace for each learner. The unit reviews are very effective and allow parents to track their child's progress.

Jiligaga is fun, interactive, non-linear, highly engaging, and adapts to the pace of each child. It's an effective way of introducing and learning the English language.

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