Leo's Pad
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Leo's Pad

Ages: 3 - 5
Price: Free
Type: App (iPad)
By Kidaptive, Inc.


Leo's Pad is an interactive, animated series of "appisodes" for preschoolers, in which learners join a young Leonardo da Vinci and his friends on big adventures filled with exciting games woven seamlessly into the stories. Designed by Stanford University researchers, the games adapt to learners' abilities and allow them to practice skills from a comprehensive curriculum that features over 80 cognitive, academic, and social learning dimensions that are crucial to child development. Rich animations promote further engagement and knowledge retention.

Parent's Pad (a feature within Leo's Pad) is the most comprehensive tool available outside of clinical settings to assess and provide feedback on preschool learning. As the Leo's Pad series unfolds, Parent's Pad will report children's progress, analyze their activity, and offer parents insights on how to help their children become better learners.

Review Highlights:

My 4-year-old was captivated and learning for hours! It was like being a part of an interactive, animated feature film. The animation and storyline is incredibly enthralling (even for adults). It's a cleverly designed learning adventure that brings new meaning to the term "edutainment." The graphics are first-rate, but more importantly the lessons learned and skills bestowed are not only perfectly age-appropriate, they are foundational skills that will last a lifetime. The lessons (sequencing, sorting, spatial reasoning, tracing, counting, color recognition, matching, observation, following directions, even some astronomy, and much more) are delivered in such a way that the child doesn't even know they are learning. The behaviors encouraged (patience, following your dreams, cooperation/sharing, etc.) promote successful lifelong learning. This is the best app I have ever reviewed.

The Parent's Pad does an excellent job of showing each user's progress. It breaks down the progress by key topics covered, core skills, and even shows a timeline of the activities completed along with the learning milestones achieved.

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