Mickey's Magical Math World
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Mickey's Magical Math World

Ages: 3 - 8
Price: Free with In App Purchases
Type: Mobile App
By Disney


Mickey's Magical Math World - from Disney's early learning brand, Disney Imagicademy - features five robust math-focused worlds within the app. Each in-app experience features progressive early math concepts, including counting forwards and backwards, sort and classify, skip count, numbers and shapes recognition, reason and logic, and more. The five worlds include:

• Mickey's Super Rocket Shapes: Children build, fly, and repair rockets alongside Mickey and Minnie while exploring early geometry and number concepts.
• Minnie's Robot Count-Along: Counting forwards and backwards to 10, children design, nurture, and train baby robots with Minnie at the Space Oasis Robot Lab.
• Donald's Number Launcher: Using a number line as their guide, children launch silly aliens at Donald while exploring "less than" and "more than" relationships.
• Daisy's Bedtime Countdown: Tapping in to logic and reasoning skills, children help aliens get back to bed safely by practicing counting by 10s and making 10s.
• Goofy's Silly Sorting: Children explore sorting and classifying skills to fill and launch alien jetpacks at Goofy's Recycling Center.

Review Highlights:

Wow! This was like watching a Disney cartoon yet we could interact with the characters and story line! This is a brilliant way to teach mathematical skills. My 5 year old was completely captivated. When he got something wrong, it didn't bother him at all, he wanted to play more. We did counting with the garbage compactor and that was easy for him - great for confidence building. He loved classifying garbage with Goofy too. It brought up a great conversation about differences between garbage and recycling. He was able to apply what he knew about our home recycling to the game and vice versa. This is a great app!

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