One Globe Kids
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One Globe Kids

Ages: 4 - 10
Price: Free (in-app purchases); education app with teacher guides $19.99
Type: Mobile App, Website
By Globe Smart Kids Inc


One Globe Kids brings the world into your home and classroom with engaging, evidence-based digital education materials designed to encourage cross-group friendship while meeting standards in Language and Social Studies (English, History, Geography, Citizenship) for children 4 - 10 years.

Play, learn and share around the world

Real kids invite you to visit them around the world in their My Country story, which is child-narrated and includes over 100+ photographs, offering an intimate and unique perspective on life across the globe we share. Each story comes with interactive imagined contact features to bring users as close as possible to their new friends.

Children can currently visit Gabou and Valdo in Haiti, Aji in Indonesia, Floor and Lars in The Netherlands, Jenissa in Burundi, and Luna and Lucian in New York City. They can record themselves speaking their native languages and are encouraged to draw comparisons between their lives. All materials are available in English, French and Dutch. New stories with new friends, countries and languages are in production.

Aligned with education standards and the latest research in imagined contact

Unlike other multi-cultural and global education resources, One Globe Kids moves beyond language learning, geography, flags, and basic country facts. We use technology to simulate friendship and make global learning a personal intimate experience. Because over 70 years of research into intergroup contact theory has found that having a friend in a different group is the most powerful way to overcome prejudice and prepare for life in our diverse globalized world. The University of Kent in the UK will be using One Globe Kids in a new study titled: Virtual Intergroup Contact to Create Global Citizens: Tackling Prejudice in Children Using New Digital Media.

For home and school, on iOS devices, computer or smart-board

You can visit Valdo in Haiti for free and download more individual app friends for $1.99, purchase 8 stories at at time plus teacher guides for your school for $19.99, or subscribe to the platform online with similar pricing.

Be Globe Smart in the diverse globalized 21st century

One Globe Kids is produced by Globe Smart Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children grow up feeling safe, happy and excited to interact with diverse people and in diverse contexts.

Review Highlights:

As an elementary school teacher, I am so excited about this website! What a perfect way to introduce children to world culture and diverse lifestyles! After spending an hour on the website with my 5 year old boy, he was ready to move to either the Netherlands or Indonesia! He really enjoyed how the everyday stories were either similar to his, or different, while being able to relate due to the age of the children.

I introduced One Globe Kids into my classroom. My students loved it! What a wonderful resource!

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iTunes App Store (One Globe Kids app)

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