Sago Mini School
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Sago Mini School

Ages: 2 - 5
Price: $7.99/month
Type: Mobile App, Game, Software
By Sago Mini


Sago Mini School is a learning platform created with child development experts that builds early reading, math, sciences and problem solving through holistic, child-led activities.

Review Highlights:

This is exploratory learning app is simply excellent. It's intuitive, works great as a standalone, but coupled with teacher involvement it becomes a spectacular learning tool. I particularly loved the helpful question prompts specifically for parents and teachers to enhance the learning.

I love how in Sago Mini School, there's so much room for kid-led exploration and interaction. Kids can choose from dozens of creative, fun activities that playfully teach them about letters, numbers, animals, puzzles, and even options such as grocery shopping. My three year old loves to create art, and as parents we love that we can use the Sago Mini Parents app to check in on her progress. It's super kid-friendly for our daughter to explore on, and she loves learning about bugs and various animals through the fun activities that Sago Mini School provides for her.

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