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SpellNow Series

Ages: 1 - 6
Price: $6.99 per year
Type: Mobile App
By Education Curb Pty Ltd


Education Curb's first gamified English literacy series, SpellNow, comprises of six apps, targeting Years 1-6. Our transformational spelling apps offer high quality curriculum aligned English literacy content that embodies best practice, while engaging and motivating 21st century digital learners.

Students have two unique learning environments to choose from: 'My Journey' and 'Open Road'. Open Road allows students to select any of the four Terms, 40 spelling lists and six educational spelling games. My Journey uses Education Curb's adaptive learning engine to totally personalise students' learning experiences. Students work through four milestones that cover a total of 39 spelling skills, and at each milestone they unlock a band member.

Here is the flow:
1. student completes a spelling pre test, allowing the program to detect their skill gaps;
2. student is issued with learning modules to target their needs, and
3. student completes a spelling post test to determine their learning outcomes.

After completing all four milestones in My Journey, the four unlocked band members come together to perform for the student. As an additional reward for completing their 'learning journey', all six levels of the bonus game (Mana Magic) are unlocked.

As part of our platform, parents/teachers are provided with a Dashboard to view curriculum links and 'user friendly' student performance data in real time. The Adaptive Report is particularly compelling as it displays the distance travelled by each student.

Review Highlights:

We learned and practiced many different consonant, vowel and consonant (CVC) combinations. We liked the music, the visuals, and all of the activities.

We love this game! In particular, my boy really liked when the squirrels danced and the birds pooped on the other birds head when the answer was incorrect!

There were so many activities to choose from and they all fall in line with proper methods of teaching beginning reading. The narrator would say the word and the child had to click on that work out of 9 other options. This visual discrimination is great for the children that are just getting their beginning sounds and short vowels. I also really liked that the pop up for the child to use to spell the work correctly. At the same time, it was great to be able to click "play sentences" so the child would have the opportunity to hear and see the word they were trying to spell within the context of the sentence.

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