Star Walk for iPad - Interactive Astronomy Guide
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Star Walk for iPad - Interactive Astronomy Guide

Ages: All Ages
Price: $2.99
Type: Mobile App
By Vito Technology, Inc.


Do you like stars? Star Walk is a stellar augmented reality app that labels all the stars, constellations, and satellites you point your iPad at. You can track the ISS, find out what constellation you’ve been looking at from your bedroom window and get a lot of exciting and educative information. Combine that with the amazing Apple Design Award winning graphics and highest quality content, you get the magic so highly praised by our customers.

Review Highlights:

This iPad app is unbelievable. The list of constellations and satelites alone is mind boggling! The atmospheric music is icing on the cake. A must buy!

This product is amazing! My child, age 6, loved it. We used it outside on a clear evening. Not only did identification of stars and planets happen, but the old stories of the zodiac and the Greeks myths emerged. This sparked even more questions and investigation about where these stories came from and were there more? I am not sure anyone enjoyed this product more in our family than I did. I constantly want to use and reuse it—check what I am seeing in the sky against what the app says. The time machine is a very fascinating aspect of this product as well as "sky live." Its incredible to know what the sky looked like on the day you were born or some time in the distant future. Knowing where the planets are in the sky even when it is daylight is a delight as well. The gallery has so many photos of breathtaking events happening so long in the past. It makes you wonder what is happening now. Incredible product! I feel lucky to review it.

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