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Ages: 3 - 18
Price: $99.99 for individuals and $600-$1900 for schools (subscription)
Type: Mobile App, Book
By Tales2go


Tales2go believes children must be good listeners before they can become great students. Repeated exposure to spoken sophisticated words drives vocabulary acquisition and retention, which is a key component of reading proficiency. Reading proficiency, in turn, is critical to academic success. Tales2go is your partner in the fight for better literacy, making it easier and more cost-effective to add a listening component to reading instruction. We stream over five thousand audio book titles from leading publishers to desktops, laptops and mobile devices in the classroom and beyond.

Audiobooks are a proven literacy resource, which is why they’ve been used in classrooms for decades. The benefits of listening to audiobooks are many, including enhanced vocabulary, fluency and listening skills. In fact, there are reading methods such as The Daily 5, which include listening as part of the curriculum; studies show that when a listening component is added to reading instruction, student achievement increases measurably. Finally, there are specific listening requirements that are spelled out by grade level in the newly adopted State standards.

Review Highlights:

As a teacher, I found this app incredibly valuable both in the classroom and for students at home. Audio books are great for students with reading disabilities to access books at their cognitive level, even if they cannot decode every word. Audio books are great for developing auditory skills for all students.

There are a great variety of books available through this service. I was impressed with the variety of reading levels and genres available.

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