Tiggly Words Learning System
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Tiggly Words Learning System

Ages: 4 - 8
Price: $29.95
Type: Mobile App, Toy
By Tiggly


Tiggly Words Learning System is designed for children 4-8 years old. The System includes Tiggly Words toys that work with three playful apps to turn tablet time into an interactive, tangible learning experience – a learning experience that engages children in creative play, encourages them to explore language patterns and sounds, and helps them learn about vowel sounds, word building, and phonics. Compatible with leading tablets, the Tiggly Words Learning System includes a set of five colorful smart vowels that interact with 3 incredibly engaging games:

Tiggly Doctor
Time for a check up on your verbs! You are the busiest doctor in Tiggly Town, and your patients have some of the silliest ailments imaginable! You will complete action verbs needed to perform a series of unusual operations – pull a dancing worm out with a forceps, snip a leaky hose in a patient’s nose, and put a floating rib back into place with your pliers. Tiggly Doctor is a “humerus” app, guaranteed to tickle the funny bone of all those stretchy learners who are just beginning to think about verbs and short and long vowel sounds.

Tiggly Tales
Calling all thinkers and tinkers! Create a world as big as your imagination, and bring word building and storytelling to life! You are free to use any vowel you would like in a series of consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC) word combinations, to create some of the silliest characters and actions you can imagine. Make a bug in a bog and catch it with a big bag! If the word has a meaning, it comes to life on the screen. Keep building your story, and then simply record & share it with friends and family.

Tiggly Submarine
Come join Tiggly in an underwater world of vowel exploration and new word discovery! A hungry octopus, a tinkering turtle, and sea of vowel fish are just some of the hilarious characters you’ll meet and interact with in the app. Tiggly Submarine helps develop children’s understanding of simple words and short vowel sounds.

Review Highlights:

As an educator I worked with several different age groups and levels of learning with Tiggly Words. The creativity needed to not only decide which vowel needed to be inserted but to also play the little games in between words was a great imaginative tool to practice. For the younger children I worked with the skills used most were visual and cognitive to see the object and decide what the word was. Then as they sounded out the word and decided which vowel was required to spell the word correctly sometimes used phonics skills and sometimes deductive reasoning skills. Listening skills were required particularly with the older children as they listened to the app sound out the longer words. Fine motor skills were practiced with both groups when using the toys.

As an educator I found this to be extremely captivating for the youngest and oldest aged children in the age group and equally as exciting for both extremely gifted advanced learners and struggling learners. It was very versatile all across the board. I like that there are several apps available which can narrow down the style and level for each child to work on. I love that you can use the Tiggly Words app with and without the toys allowing several children in a room to still use the app regardless of whether the toys were available - that is a HUGE plus. I appreciated the very bright captivating colors, cute characters and durable toys that are not easily destroyed. This is such a wonderful product and perfect for everything from summer learning, homeschool supplement, activity centers in the classroom, or just plain educational fun at home.

It was very easy to use. The letters are big and easy for my son to hold. He really loves playing games and this kept his attention, helped him learn, and he was proud of himself when he got something right. There was a lot of laughing and simple enjoyment as he played and he loved showing off what he learned. I like the bright, happy colors, how easy it was for him to use it independently, and how it helped his confidence with both letters and sounds and himself.

My son is at the older end of the age range, but has high functioning autism. He also has a language delay (apraxia). This product was something he really enjoyed and it got him excited about making words. He tried his hardest to actually say things right. He carries the little sack of letters around, plays with them, tries to put them where he thinks they should go (for example, on the newspaper he'll put the "a" on the "a" in paper) and he learned what the vowels were in about 10 minutes and remembered, something I've been trying to teach him for weeks.

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