Touchtronic Numbers
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Touchtronic Numbers

Ages: 3 - 7
Price: $19.99
Type: App (iPad), Software, Toy (Manipulatives)
By Junior Learning


Introduce numbers, counting, matching and simple sums with Touchtronic Numbers. The world's first tactile 3D numbers to interact with the iPad. Includes numbers 0-9 and 6 equation symbols, color-coded with numbers in purple and equations in orange. The supporting FREE apps (available from the iTunes store) includes games and activities for teaching number recognition, counting and place value. Touchtronic Numbers comes in a handy storage bag. Ages 3+.

Review Highlights:

This method of mixing manipulatives with digital tools is definitely the way of the future. It's multisensory and tactile—a winning combination that improves understanding and retention. My Kids loved it.

The product is innovative and teaches simple addition and subtraction of numbers under ten, comparing numbers under ten, and basic number recognitiion.

I really liked that the numbers are easy to hold and manipulate. The carry bag is useful for keeping everything together. The idea of interacting with the iPad screen with a physical item is appealing. Items are counted as touched. Bonus representations in the greater than/less than game are well designed. I think the idea is clever. I would prefer numbers that were made of a softer material though so as not to scratch my iPad.

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