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Ages: 12 and up
Price: FREE
Type: Mobile App, Game, Software
By WordApt


WordApt is a new kind of fun word game and brain teaser. Learn new words whilst playing this vocabulary challenging word game.


* You are given a word in English. From this word form other words consisting of three or more letters which can be commonly found in dictionaries.

* Form words which have the same pronunciation as the given word but are spelt differently. For example, given the word 'HOME', the formed word 'HOLM' is acceptable.

* You can also form words by splitting the pronunciation of the given word, but the spelling must not match the given word. For example, given the word 'SPICE', acceptable words are 'SPY,' 'PIE', 'AYE', 'EYE' and 'SPEISS'. However, the word 'ICE' is not acceptable because even though 'ICE' has the same pronunciation as the ending of 'SPICE' a spelling match exists between 'ICE' and 'SPICE' (i.e. SP-ICE).

* Plurals are not acceptable.


- More than 400 challenging levels
- Word hints available
- Reveals feature
- Share the game screen on Facebook with friends and family
- Automatically saved game

Review Highlights:

Anagram and word puzzle fans will love this game! It's unique, innovative, and often very challenging. Build and practice your vocabulary and cognitive skills (visual processing, sustained attention, working memory, long-term memory, processing speed) while having fun.

The user interface is easy to use, and the hint and reveal features are helpful. This is my kind of brain-building app. I like that there are three ways to play. It's more challenging than most word builder apps on the market.

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