Xander English Transport
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Xander English Transport

Ages: 1 - 3
Price: $0.99
Type: Mobile App, Game
By Tribage Game Engineering


Xander Transport is an English educational app for young children to learn about transport through healthy technology. Children enjoy the interactive spin & match game while learning about transport and expanding their vocabulary. Your child will be given the opportunity challenge him/herself using time constraints to become confident at completing and naming each mode of transport.

Review Highlights:

Xander English Transport is a simple, highly-intuitive, three-part spin and match game (or really sorting as matching more than two objects is actually sorting) to create a whole. In this case the completed objects are vehicles of all types (from tractors to submarines). The app interface is simple as is the timed game, but the learning taking place should not be discounted. Not only do children learn transport related vocabulary, and the sounds they make, they are also developing memory, utilizing their ability to store, organize and retrieve information, and recall and classify information in relation to what they have seen.

The affordable app helps children practice fundamental math skills - matching and sorting - by separating objects into groups according to their similarities. It's important to realize that children may have their own ideas of about how the objects are related. I had our 3 year old describe their rational for sorting the objects when he thought the vehicle parts all matched. In his mind they often did which was an excellent opportunity to discuss the shape and color differences, praise him for alternative answers and thinking outside the box, and look for an even better answer. The auto-feedback feature when all parts match makes this interaction more difficult once the child figures it out, but the feature also makes the app great for independent play.

The app also develops concentration, patience, and visual perceptual skills.

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