Ammu's Treasures by Chandrika Tandon
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Ammu's Treasures by Chandrika Tandon

All Ages
Price: $35.00
Type: Audio CD, Book
By Soul Chants Music


Inspired by constantly singing to her grandchildren, Ammu's Treasures is a gift of intergenerational love and wisdom, with profound messages for everyday living.

A three-volume omnibus of 35 songs and 21 chants, Chandrika's new album invites its listeners to reminisce or make new memories with traditional folk tunes and familiar popular songs and poems. This treasury of music also includes ancient Vedic chants set to Indian scales, aimed to soothe and relax.

Adding their incredible artistry to complex arrangements, Ammu's Treasures features many maestros including Cyro Baptista, Martin Bejerano, Peter Calo, Purbayan Chatterjee, Rakesh Chaurasia, Bela Fleck, Eugene Friesen, Maeve Gilchrist, Jamey Haddad, Bobby Keyes, Kevin Kliesch, Howard Levy, Romero Lubambo, Marcus Rojas, Dave Schroeder, Michael Ward-Bergeman, Kenny Werner, the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Scott Cannizzaro, Teese Gohl, John Kiehl, Kevin Killen, Mirek Vana, and more. Marc Lumer and Bob Spang contributed their talents to beautiful accompanying lyric videos.

Ammu's Treasures is a hug for the world, a message of Love Light Laughter for all ages.

Review Highlights:

Chandrika Tandon is globally recognized business leader, Grammy-nominated artist, and humanitarian. In her music, she mixes traditional folk tunes and familiar popular songs and poems into music that the whole family can enjoy. Her stated mission is "to elevate human happiness through music and education - working on the dual prongs of emotional and economic wellbeing." The songs on her latest CD feature different genres and languages and are accompanied by a variety of instruments. They are meant for quiet times, happy times, and any time. The music is uplifting and meant to strengthen family bonds.

A three-disc omnibus of 35 classic songs and 21 soothing chants for all ages. It also includes a book of the songs and beautiful illustrations. It is a great way to enjoy the songs by following along with the book. The book shows a quick snippet of the songs and are great quotes to live and love by. I like that it features such a variety of music for whatever your mood is as well as different languages to listen to. I feel like music can make you worldly and it is proven to activate different parts of your brain. My kids always wanted music in the background when playing which is so much better than just staring at the television.

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