Count, Add, Subtract! Fun With Math, Music and Movement
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Count, Add, Subtract! Fun With Math, Music and Movement

Ages: 3 - 7
Price: $14.95
Type: Audio CD, Book
By Hap-Pal Music


Join Hap Palmer to Count, Add, Subtract! Music and Movement Come Together to Make Math Fun (Seriously!)

(Woodland Hills, CA - April 2013) Hap Palmer has the magical gift of making learning fun - and setting it all to music. On his latest CD, Count, Add, Subtract! Fun With Math, Music, and Movement, Hap combines hip songs and fun games to make addition and subtraction come alive for children. Using a colorful variety of musical styles - jazz, country, Latin, hip-hop and rock, Hap, a pioneer in the use of music and movement in learning, makes math easy to grasp.

By blending clear, simple lyrics with memorable melodies, math is transformed into an engaging challenge as each song focuses on a specific skill. Children count forward and backward, add and subtract one, learn the doubles facts, and easily move on to doubles plus one. They skip count by 2's, 5's and 10's. They find combinations that equal ten, and then learn the ten plus facts. Jumping in a triangle path, children see the relationship of addition and subtraction: 5 + 7 = 12 and 12 - 7 = 5.

This approach strikes a balance between problem solving and memorization. The emphasis is on developing mathematical thinking skills, which leads to the ability to quickly solve basic addition and subtraction facts. Studies show that students who have the basic facts memorized do better in college readiness exams. This album is one way to make this task more enjoyable.

One of the hallmarks of a Hap Palmer album is the outstanding production. Hap's arrangements, the variety of instruments, the strong vocals and delightful children's chorus are all front and center in this celebration of math. He flawlessly merges the subject matter with the music to give us math you can actually dance to.

Count, Add, Subtract! is valuable for a wide range of ages from pre-school to third grade. The songs are designed for both group and individualized learning. They are effective in a variety of situations from one child in the home or car to a school classroom setting.

A booklet with song lyrics is included with the CD. A complete teaching guide, available free at, describes fun games including "Beanbag Toss to Twenty" and "Doubles Partner Dance." Hap's recordings and videos have received numerous honors including the Parents' Choice, American Library Association Notable Children's Recording, National Association of Parenting Publications, Earlychildhood NEWS Directors' Choice and American Video awards.

Review Highlights:

I like how this product can be used with a variety of ages and how it balances memorization and problem solving skills for mastering the basic addition and subtraction facts. The music and songs are appealing and diverse ~ not too babyish. It's great to incorporate music and movement into facts practice!

My name is Jaime and I am a stay-at-home mom to three kids and a certified teacher. I love using music when teaching, especially with math. I found this CD to be up beat and had very good rhythm. We enjoyed the rhyming and felt it was an awesome CD for those learning how to count.

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