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Ages: 5 and up
Price: $25.00
Type: Audio DVD/CD


Multiplexercise (a combination of the words multiplication and exercise) presents a new and fun way to learn the multiplication table! It is a sing-along, dance-along educational resource. Our approach utilizes visual, auditory and kinesthetic elements to aid students of all ages in learning the times table as opposed to rote memorization.

Multiplexercise comes in a DVD/CD double package that offers 3 different levels of songs and dance choreography: Level 1 for beginners, Level 2 for intermediates and Level 3 for advanced learners. Each song contains the entire multiplication table, 2 through 12.

A significant feature of Multiplexercise is that the words "times" and "equals" are omitted from the lyrics to allow learners to memorize and access the information faster. (Try saying two times two equals four versus two, two, four.) This approach is based on the popular and effective Japanese 9x9 chant. Every Japanese parent starts teaching the chant to their children even before they start the elementary school (as early as 3-4 year old!) and the chant will be retained as a foundation of more complicated arithmetic operations for the rest of their lives.

Multiplexercise will work best if a child memorizes the song first and start dancing with the song gradually. The dance choreography was created as a guideline and each child could be creative to come up with his/her own choreography as well. Studies have shown that when students are physically active during the learning process, they are more engaged which, in turn, leads to higher learning retention.

So, listen, sing along, dance along, and learn the multiplication table. Let's Multiplexercise!

Review Highlights:

I am a certified elementary school teacher, but am currently a stay-at-home mom. I think this DVD is a great way for kids to have fun while learning their multiplication table. I remember how nervous I was when trying to memorize through strictly rote memorization. Being able to sing and dance while learning the multiplication is a great approach.

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