Pterosaur Sleepy Story
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Pterosaur Sleepy Story

Ages: 5 - 10
Price: $14.95
Type: Audio CD
By Dinosnores


Pterosaur sleepy story is a creative relaxation story for primary school kids.

Children visualize themselves as pterosaurs soaring through the sky on powerful wings, creating a sense of calm, control and strength. Packed with facts about pterosaurs to satisfy the most pedantic young paleontologist, this CD is loved by kids. And best of all, the soundscape of wind and flying helps children settle at bedtime, ready to be their best tomorrow.

This clever sleep story has a 30 minute relaxation within a one hour soundscape allowing children to stay settled and undisturbed by household and neighborhood sounds. Recommended by psychologists, created by speech pathologists and loved by kids.

Review Highlights:

This CD worked wonders on my boys. They looked so refreshed in the morning. The relaxing voice and imaginative journey of the Pterosaur captivated and cradled my children to sleep. Not only that but on the second night I used the CD my boys were calmer, excited to hear the story, and settle into bed. Much of the drama and fidgetiness we usually experience at bedtime did not occur. I highly recommend the Sleep Stories from Dinosnores.

We listened to the Pterosaur CD the night we received it. Although my children (3 and 6) preferred the Kitten CD, My older son noted that he really liked when the narrator said, "Pterosaur flying through the sky." He seemed to enjoy it but told me that he forgot about what happens. I'm sure this is a sign of the cd doing what it was made to do: help my children go to sleep! I think both cd's were great. The repetition in the story telling is great for the children.

Thank you we love it! We now listen to this cd every night before bed. We brush our teeth, read books, then push play on the "sleepy story."

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