The Incredible Flexible You
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The Incredible Flexible You

Ages: 4 - 10
Price: $14.98
Type: Audio CD
By Sundance Music


Tom Chapin's latest family recording, his lucky 13th, is something completely new for this three-time Grammy-winning pioneer of children's music: a unique collection of 12 original songs to help young listeners navigate the tricky waters of social interaction. Created in tandem with the groundbreaking book of the same name, this CD of clear, witty and irresistibly catchy pop, folk, rock and reggae songs teaches without preaching. The music has wide-ranging appeal for families, classrooms, elementary age children and higher-functioning children with social learning challenges. The fun and family friendly songs will get kids moving, singing and interacting with friends, classmates and family.

Review Highlights:

We really liked the songwriting and production values of this CD. A lot of time was put in while recording these tracks. There are countless overdubs, backing vocals, guitar sounds and drum sounds. We loved the title track and the detective song the most. Although the recording was great the lyrics are even better! Tom has done a wonderful job teaching through music. With the emphasis on character development over cognitive skills, children will be able to immediately relate to the lyrics and think a bit more about being thoughtful, compassionate and flexible in social situations.

Tom Chapin's CD, "The Incredible Flexible You" was based on the principles of Social Thinking. This method of teaching social skills makes explicit the tools and strategies to communicate, empathize, and interact harmoniously with others. All of our schools need this CD! So many children have no idea how to navigate their social/emotional world. This CD would be a great tool for teachers to discuss and spend time on key topics that Tom touches on such as thinking, feeling, peer influences, small group work and listening skills. Two big thumbs up! Nice work!

I can see that Tom Chapin's new CD "The Incredible Flexible You" has the potential to be a very useful tool in early education group situations, and for children who have trouble recognizing social cues. Some of the songs could be particularly appropriate for Preschool/Library lap-sing programs. Anyone who has dealt with a reasonably-sized group of 4-7 year-old children may see the value in my favorite track "Listen With All of You." This song is especially helpful for those children who just can't stand to sit still and listen! --Homeschooling Veteran of 11 years

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