The Mighty Sky
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The Mighty Sky

Ages: 5 - 11
Price: $14.98
Type: Audio CD
By BNC Records


Now children can musically explore the mysteries and wonders of the Universe with the new CD The Mighty Sky. A science song project that inspires, entertains and teaches, The Mighty Sky is a beautifully crafted album featuring a variety of musical styles presenting important celestial facts and fun. Focusing on the science of astronomy, the CD was created by hit songwriters Beth Nielsen Chapman and Annie Roboff joined by Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory Director Rocky Alvey. The songs are first-class teaching tools that deliver melodies that captivate with lyrics that illuminate, all contained in a gorgeous package. Listeners may not become astronomers, but The Mighty Sky promises an eye-opening view of our place in the Universe.

Review Highlights:

What a fantastic format to learn about the sun, earth, and stars. My children boogy to "Zodiacal Zydeco," march to "Test, Retest, and Verify," and quietly listen to "Through Hubble's Eyes." The comparisons in "Little Big Song" are so clear to a child they really help them (as well as adults!) get a grip on astronomical thinking all the while promoting imagination. "The Moon" helps comprehend not only the phases of the moon but also the tides. And "The Way We Lean" is a great way to teach the seasons. There is so much learning in just this one CD, but the best part is how applicable these lessons are and that kids can go out and witness these occurances in their daily lives!

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