21st Century Lifeskills Handbooks
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21st Century Lifeskills Handbooks

Ages: 14 and up
Price: $169.50
Type: Book
By Saddleback Educational, Inc


Combining practical content with visual appeal, the 21st Century Lifeskills handbooks read more like a magazine than a book. Highly readable with full-color photographs, a smaller trim size and an eye-popping layout, these 120-page handbooks are great for teaching life skills to a twenty-first century population. The 10 handbooks in this series will provide readers a thorough and non-threatening introduction to the multi-dimensional competencies, concepts, and vocabulary they need to achieve independence--including community resources, job searching, money management, job etiquette, health, moving and more. These handbooks offer readers a unique and visual way to achieve real-world literacy.

Review Highlights:

21st Century Lifeskills Handbooks are essential for every teenager and young adult. They can even be helpful for any adult needing a review of a specific lifeskill. Fortunately, these books came to my family as my daughter was preparing to leave home and start college. They were a perfect fit for her and answered many of the ongoing questions she had about how to take care of herself and make good decisions on her own. They were also excellent resources for us as parents to reference and discuss questions that she had for us. She will definitely be taking these books to school with her and may be able to share some of their pearls with her peers.

Favorites of this fantastic set include Managing Money, Moving Out, Health and Safety, Everyday Household Tasks, and Community Resources. All of the books contain gems of information that reduce all of that difficult trial and error when you are doing things for the first time. The information in them should be known and rests side by side in importance with the need for academic learning. Lifeskills Handbooks are concisely written and an excellent reference for any family with older children or high school library. I will absolutely recommend them again and again.

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