A Little Book About Safety
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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

Academics' Choice Smart Book Award

A Little Book About Safety

Ages: 2 - 6
Price: $12.95
Type: Book
By The Mother Company


Explore personal safety for kids without scaring them with the Mother Company's latest book: A Little Book About Safety!

When lovable Hugo Hippo navigates his way through a fun day at the community pool with his family, his safety readiness is put to the test in a variety of familiar situations.

Hugo helps kids understand safety topics gently and with humor, such as memorizing a Safe Adult's phone number, covering up private parts when changing, paying attention to your gut "Uh-Oh" feeling, and remembering to "Check First" with a Safe Adult before going anywhere unexpected.

Review Highlights:

As a classroom teacher and father of a 4 year old, I can say that this book delivered essential information about safety in a fun and engaging way. The choice of illustration and colors in the book are easy on the eye. The characters facial expressions were enough for my 4 year old to infer what was happening and what most characters were feeling. The book was the perfect platform to talk about a few iffy situations addressed in safety tip #6 and #7.

My little guy loved the butterfly! This book was very well done and I hope I get the chance to review another. Keep up the good work!

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