Adventures of Unusual Animals
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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

Academics' Choice Smart Book Award

Adventures of Unusual Animals

Ages: 5 - 8
Price: $16.95
Type: Book
By Heather Jones/ The Rhythm Child Network


The latest edition of Unusual Animals is a whacky, whimsical, jam-packed journey forcing you to flip faster to the next tale. In Adventures of Unusual Animals meet Yuki the yodeling yak, an illiterate ibex named Izzy and a needy narwhal from Norway, while discovering new words from the glossary on every delightful page.

Get ready to marvel, chuckle and ignite your imagination!

Review Highlights:

I liked that it was an interesting twist on learning about new animals. Facts and information are delivered in a light-hearted manner. Each animal goes on an adventure and it is through this short story that you learn about the animal's habits, eating behaviors, predators, etc.

Children are exposed to strong vocabulary and facts about unique animals they may not otherwise learn about. Based on the target age group and the complexity of the text, I would expect that most children would be listening to the stories instead of reading them on their own. As a read-aloud, the adult could encourage listening comprehension skills, help develop new vocabulary, and support the visualization of the animal's adventure.

We enjoyed the illustrations.

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