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AV2 Subscription

Ages: 5 - 14
Price: $399.00 to $899.00 per year
Type: Book, Website
By Weigl Educational Publishers


AV2 offers a wide range of different subscription packages. Each subscription is available in both 1- and 3-year packages.

K-8 Subscriptions

AV2 K-8 titles feature a wide range of topics from categories such as Animals, Sports, Science, Social Studies, and High Interest. Every K-8 Nonfiction title has been developed to engage young minds with built-in digital features that bring the text to life. An easy-to-navigate table of contents shows pages that contain interactive element icons. Curated weblinks, videos, and slideshows help readers dive even deeper into a topic. Age-appropriate activities help strengthen key concepts and ideas, while quiz and key words exercises allow readers to reaffirm critical concepts. These subscriptions help teachers save time and provide even the most reluctant readers with an exciting and well-supported reading experience. AV2 K-8 titles are available in Grades K-2, K-5, and 3-8 subscriptions to allow educators and libraries alike flexibility and the ability to choose the titles best suited to match their needs.

Fiction Subscription

The AV2 Fiction Subscription brings you timeless tales of mystery, suspense, adventure, and the lessons learned while growing up. Every title in the AV2 Fiction Subscription is designed to inspire young readers with exciting text and interesting characters. Professional narrators and real sound effects using the highest quality audio are sure to captivate even the most reluctant readers. Young readers can choose to listen to the entire story read to them or individual sentences read aloud as needed. Every sentence is highlighted as it is read aloud and audio support help users who struggle with a particular sentence.


EyeDiscover is an inspiring fusion of video and audio designed to engage children at the kindergarten to Grade 2 levels. Each title is packed with special features designed for reluctant readers. An optic readalong included with each title features professional narrators reading the book aloud. Every spread is connected to a high-resolution video, bringing the content on the page to life. The EyeDiscover collection includes titles in English and Spanish. With EyeDiscover, beginning readers will read and listen at their own pace and discover new, exciting topics in a fresh, breathtaking way!

World Languages

1,210 eBooks at your fingertips! 110 titles in 11 languages! AV2 World Languages features only the highest-quality books from the AV2 collection and is designed for children at the kindergarten to Grade 2 levels. Each title in the AV2 World Languages collection includes eleven eBooks in eleven different languages, including English, Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. Each eBook in this revolutionary platform features clean, easy-to-read layouts and captivating full-screen images designed for maximum readability and eye-catching appeal. Readers can easily switch between languages with a simple click and watch as the current page is translated into another language before their eyes. Children can read in their own language and explore other languages, combining support of diversity and multiculturalism with a unique learning experience.

Review Highlights:

Our AV2 subscription saved our family during the last year when we could no longer make our traditional weekly trips to our local library. This was a safe option to keep our kids reading new educational books that they enjoyed. It's a great, engaging screen-time option. There's various subscription packages you can choose from based on your preferences, and you can pick languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Mandarin, Russian, and more. We love this feature as we are a dual-language family, and we're trying to expose our children to various languages.

There are so many different subjects - from animals, sports, seasons, instruments, health, safety, shapes, music, and more - your student will find a topic of interest and enjoy the learning experience!

The AV2 Subscription is excellent for developing listening/comprehension skills as well as helping to recognize words, and develop reading and vocabulary skills.

Tons of digital books at your fingertips! My children really enjoy being able to explore books from all different topics on this platform. My youngest (5) loves being able to listen to stories and read along. Both familiar and new stories make this so much fun to explore as we build reading skills.

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