Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit
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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

Academics' Choice Brain Toy Award

Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit™

Ages: 3 - 7
Price: $39.99
Type: Book, Toy, Gear & Equipment
By Brushalot


The Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit™ (Storybook, nightlight, stuffed horse) gets your children to brush their teeth and have fun doing it, creating strong oral health habits in your children and creating a great new family tradition.

Included in the Brushalot storybook is a keepsake journal to keep track of your child's teeth and dental visits, as well as tear-out activity pages to keep them entertained!

Review Highlights:

A clever reimagination/expansion of the classic fairy tale and an effective hygiene guide for kids.

The Tooth Fairy has been embedded in American folklore since the early 1900s. It's rooted in European folklore from a tradition where a baby tooth was buried in the garden in hopes that a permanent tooth would "grow" in the child's mouth and take it's place. It also dates back to Viking traditions as they used to make jewerly from baby teeth that weren't rotted, hence the perfect teeth were valuable. The Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit and storybook expound on the tale and tradition while making it easier for parents to "bury" the tooth - not under the pillow - but inside Incisor's pouch, the plush horse that comes with the kit along with a nightlight that includes a special signal to trigger Tooth Fairy visits. In the thematic, colorful and engaging story, the heroes protect the Pearly White City from Prince Plaque and the Tartar Troopers. The Tooth Fairy and the citizens working in the Tooth-Making Factory create grown-up teeth that grow into the holes of the baby teeth. The story helps answer difficult questions such as Who is the Tooth Fairy? How will she find my tooth? and most importantly, Why I should brush my teeth? We recommend introducing the tale and kit early in a child's life (before they lose their first tooth) as the undertones of the story promote good oral hygiene and will motivate kids to brush their teeth. From an academic perspective, it's all about embracing change, celebrating and rewarding it, calming your child's fears about losing teeth, and giving a child a legend (loosely based on history) that they can slowly deduce may not be based in factual evidence. Sure it's a white lie, but it's tradition and encourages healthy habits. So join the Tooth Fairy's brother, Sir Brushalot, in defending the Pearly White City and/or tell your child the Tooth Fairy pays more for a perfect tooth than a decayed one (as the Vikings may have done).

The storybook gets kids excited about brushing their teeth and can be read each time a tooth is lost or of course just because. It features activity pages as well as pages for keeping track of lost teeth which is great to save as memories.

I love how the Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit comes with everything you need. My daughter learned about how the tooth fairy works thanks to Brushalot! This book would make a great addition to any family library or dental office.

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