BYJU'S Magic Workbooks featuring Disney
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BYJU'S Magic Workbooks featuring Disney

Ages: 3 - 9
Price: $199.00
Type: Book, App


BYJU'S Magic Workbooks featuring Disney blend physical and digital tools to provide an interactive learning experience while building foundational skills alongside favorite Disney & Pixar characters. As part of each grade-level Premium Kit, your child receives a collection of Magic Workbooks for math, language, and reading with hundreds of interactive pages, an Osmo Base, Reflector, as well as a 1-year access to the BYJU'S Learning App featuring Disney, and more. Build on what your child learns in school by choosing one of 5 grade-level Premium Kits. Created by educators, our content is aligned to state and national standards, in addition to being kidSAFE certified and COPPA compliant.

Review Highlights:

Calling all Disney lovers! This subscription will keep your kids content and engaged for a long time, there's a ton to do. Packed with upwards of 1,000 activities, there's plenty for your children to chose from, whether they like to listen and read-a-long to stories, want some extra math practice, or brush up on their language skills. It's interactive learning that's designed to meet your child's individual needs, and makes learning exciting with tons of Disney characters to check out! Users will practice critical thinking, build their vocabulary, use logical reasoning/analytical thinking, and work on reflecting/retention.

There really is a lot to like! Everything is top quality. The workbooks have hard covers, and are nicely spiral bound inside. The pages are thick and the paper is high quality (durable). The set includes a code for a year's subscription, which you activate on their website. Once you've created your account, there's no password to remember. You enter your email, and if it's a new device, the email will receive a 4 digit code and that serves as the password. Once installed, this isn't needed again. The graphics, "storylines", and communication between the workbooks and the app are great! I feel the workbooks have the right amount of interesting graphics (beloved Disney characters/scenes), and a variety of activities. It's not page after page of tracing letters, or circling pictures. The activities nicely alternate between trace, fill in the blank, color, navigate the maze, etc. Keeping the activities simple/short, but meaningful on content, is a definite strength here.

We used the grade 1 workbooks, which were great in terms of content, age-appropriateness, and engaging for the student/child. It was neat how the Osmo device flawlessly "told" the app what page and what book the child was on. There's an adorable character who speaks to the child in a clear, upbeat, and concise manner every step of the way. We had the 1st grade set of workbooks, and found the app had activities that were standalone (no book needed) and which walked the child through the workbooks for that grade/age.

Offers a wide variety of educational content (math, language, reading) and the familiar Disney characters kept my child engaged and the learning fun. The actual app itself is awesome and easy to use (especially for preschool aged). My child (1st grader) was motivated by receiving real-time feedback and encouragement while using the workbooks. I appreciated the use of an interactive app along with having the tangible workbook & marker, which encouraged active learning on all fronts.

Excellent educational material with fun Disney characters that kids will love!

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