Epic Fails
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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

Academics' Choice Smart Book Award

Epic Fails

Ages: 11 - 18+
Price: $26.00 per set
Type: Book
By High Noon Books


This book series is about some of history's most interesting Epic Fails. Author Bart King looks at people who did really stupid things in the areas of Advertising, Diplomacy, Exploration, Invention and War. Each book contains entertaining illustrations.

Review Highlights:

It was a fun read for an adult and could be a good supplement to a middle school social studies curriculum. I enjoyed the author's voice and sense of humor as well. This series would be very effective for a social studies teacher that teaches thematically as opposed to the standard sequential and chronological curriculum. Topics such as inventions, exploration, and war are vast and these books would be an engaging introduction for children between the ages of 11 and 16 or so. I'd highly recommend this to any teacher that works with students who struggle with reading yet their verbal comprehension is high. The books are fun, engaging and educational.

My son actually read through these books! He thought they were funny and he said he could understand them really well. As a homeschooler, it can be difficult to get your middle school child to read anything other than fiction. These books helped my son branch off from his normal genre of book and learn some history as well!

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