Handwriting Without Tears Student Bundles
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Handwriting Without Tears Student Bundles (PreK-Grade 5+)

Ages: 5 - 11
Price: $18.70
Type: Book
By Learning Without Tears


Our student bundles from Handwriting Without Tears provide everything a student needs for a cohesive learning experience in the classroom. Consistent instruction is important for children learning the foundational skill of handwriting and by using the same language, line spacing, and award-winning design across student workbooks, children will come to writing fluency quickly with the student bundles.

The bundles feature:

• A grade level handwriting workbook that provides developmentally appropriate, step-by-step instruction with child friendly letter formation language, so children can learn the basics of handwriting.
• A grade-level Building Writers student workbook that provides structured writing practice for core skills with an emphasis on informative, narrative, and opinion writing.
• A Writing Journal filled with blank pages that includes the same line spacing of the student workbooks.

Review Highlights:

Handwriting Without Tears is a comprehensive writing program that develops thinking, planning, and fine motor skills. I like that there were models included and were then followed with scaffolded prompts. They are well laid out and organized. The Building Writers books include sections specifically for narrative, information, and opinion writing.

These would be helpful if you are in the market for handwriting and/or writing workbooks. There are letters in the corners of the covers that are guides for corresponding grades so you could decide what level was most appropriate for your students without having a grade printed on it. You can buy individual workbooks or in sets that include: Building Writer's, a Writer's Journal and a Printing or cursive workbook.

I love how historical figures are incorporated into the Building Writers workbooks. The cross-curricular approach is always welcome in my classroom as it promotes deeper, more fluid learning, which fills the student's reservoir of knowledge and skills faster.

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