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Ages: 3 - 6
Price: $72.00
Type: Book, Toy, App, Audio
By NumbersAlive!


The HELLO NUMBERS DISCOVERY PACK is a multisensory learning product that includes the friendly plush numbers of Team Ten (0-9) plus the Hello Numbers book and Hello Numbers in Song CD, both which introduce the characters by where they occur in the world. The above products plus instructions on the location of the associated free tablet app (iPad, Android, and Nook) and activities (including making a room mobile) to help your child develop foundational numeracy all fit into the two zippered compartments of the backpack. (The back compartment easily holds a tablet.) The blended combination of book, plush, music, and app creates multiple pathways to foundational numeracy.

Team Ten, the award-winning colorful and friendly plush number characters 0-9, make numbers into fun and relevant “Friends You Can Count On.” Children love hugging their number friends and telling stories about how they find numbers in everyday life! The small plush numbers are 4.5” tall and connected with two magnets -- one per each side of their head. The magnets allow children to "make" higher-level numbers in their own hands ( i.e., 25 and 52). With the two magnets the "little scientists" can learn about magnet polarity when they attempt to put the numbers together backwards.

HELLO NUMBERS. This interactive book introduces children to Team Ten, numbers 0-9. After meeting each number, they learn how Zero keeps the team together. It’s time to get started creating numbers of your own with stickers! The book includes 72 stickers and a decoder in the shape of Zero that allows children to create their own numbers and discover secrets on each two-page spread.

HELLO NUMBERS IN SONG CD. The Hello Numbers in Song CD includes 21 songs: a title parade-like song, Hello We're NumbersAlive! to introduce all numbers 0-9 as a team plus a short and longer instrumental version of each number's own biographical song. The lyrics describe where you can encounter the number. The instrumental versions allows for time to create dance moves and props for encounters of the numbers in the child/family/classroom’s own environment. The music could be the basis of a family or group musical about numbers.

FREE HELLO NUMBERS TABLET APP. The Hello Numbers App accompanies the book, music and plush numbers with fun interactive details. Plus, use the physical decoder from the book to uncover secrets on the screen.

Review Highlights:

My younger kids enjoyed using the plush numbers in several different ways. They would mix them up, then try to put them in order, then check with the dots on the back. I would ask for a specific number and they would find it. They also just played with them, referring to them as Mr. 3 and Mrs. 9. My 1st grader enjoyed working on place value with them and just hooking them together with each other. I liked how many of the numbers introduced or taught other things (specifically on the app) with number 7 teaching colors of the rainbow and 5 teaching the senses.

The numbers are adorable! Right out of the package, my kids were excited and eager to play with them. I liked how the colors helped them put the numbers in order. The size of the numbers was perfect for little hands. I LOVED that each number has dots on the back for them to count to figure out the value if they couldn't remember. The kids really liked the decoder that came with the book and using it with the app as well. They thought the CD was fun.

We really loved the multisensory (sight, sound, touch, motion) instruction of the Hello Numbers Discovery Pack as it gives kids more than one way to make connections and learn the concepts. The numbers come to life with their own personalities making them relatable and more engaging than traditional number recognition programs. We also really liked the placement of the number dots on the back as it develops subitizing (the ability to quickly identify the number of items in a small set without counting) and number sense.

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