IlluStory A+
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Academics' Choice Brain Toy Award

IlluStory A+

Ages: 8 - 12
Price: $29.95
Type: Book, Software, Website, Arts & Crafts
By Easy Student Publishing


Young authors create their own 18-page storybook that is professionally published. IlluStory A+ publishing kit includes manuscript pages, project ideas, a convenient carrying box and markers. A book can be created by-hand and completed pages sent through the mail, or it can be designed online with easy-to-use graphics and text tools. Shortly, authors receive their own published hardback storybook, with a special "About the Author" feature, back in the mail.

Review Highlights:

I wish the manufacturer would make one for older kids!

My daughter loved the idea of creating her own book. She is so proud of it. The print quality was fantastic--definitely built to last. The tips and activities included helped her get started and organize her thoughts. This was an excellent educational activity. I loved watching my daughter unleash her creative juices and work on her writing skills. The fact that a real, physical product would be published and printed pushed her to work really hard.

A version with more than 20 words per page would be helpful, but the current restriction did help my son write more concisely, which turned out to be great practice.

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