KidCoder: Beginning Web Design
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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

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KidCoder: Beginning Web Design

Ages: 10 - 18
Price: $70.00
Type: Book
By Homeschool Programming, Inc.


KidCoder: Beginning Web Design is the first semester course in the KidCoder Web Design series. 4th–12th grade students will learn to create their own web pages using HTML. Hands-on fun for all students, both young and old!

Some of the topics in this book include web site layout, HTML symbols, text styling, using hyperlinks, navigation bars, simple CSS effects, spacing and positioning, graphics and image editing, tables and more.

Students don't need prior programming or HTML experience. We build all web design skills from the ground up.

Review Highlights:

My 11-year-old daughter loves everything about computers. When I asked her if she wanted to create her own website her eyes lit up. Thankfully, the program was very user friendly so I didn’t have to do much. In fact, I learned a ton as well. The book walked us through the basics of web design with examples and analogies that made the complex concepts easy to understand. The templates provided great working examples to analyze, which helped us see how the HTML pages and CSS worked together. I could see my daughter’s wheels turning as she modified the code and checked to see what happened. I was very impressed with her patience and diligence. She was so excited to show her Web site to her father and friends. The learning experience boosted her confidence and taught a variety of skills I know she will use the rest of her life. This is a brilliant product.

I introduced KidCoder: Beginning Web Design to my students in our after school enrichment program along with a few other options. More than half the students chose the web design course. The students absolutely loved it. The self-study program unleashed their analytical brains and creative side all at once. I’m a bit of a techie so I was excited to help the students, but they needed very little instruction. The manual was very clear and easy to follow. As a former ESL teacher at an elementary school that doesn’t offer a foreign language program I was proud to be able to introduce the students to a “second language” of sorts, albeit just a “markup language.” The students were very motivated to finish the course and create their own Web site. The students practiced important foundational skills including logic, analysis, evaluation, reading comprehension, and observation. I highly recommend this course.

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