Moonjar Family Kit
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Moonjar Family Kit

Ages: 5 - 9
Price: $42.00
Type: Book, Game
By Moonjar LLC


The Moonjar Family Kit includes a Moonjar Money Box to encourage financial literacy! The bank teaches Save , Spend and Share as the root of money awareness. It also includes Conversations to Go, a game to get the family talking about money ideas, a book How the Moonjar Was Made, and our Lesson Plan- a 45 min look at how to talk about money!

Review Highlights:

Moonjar Family Kit is a fantastic product! It contains so much useful and easy to understand information in one product. For starters it teaches a whole range of thinking skills in a very concrete way. One starts using this product by coming up with ideas, imagining how they would spend $100 dollars. Then this imagining is put into practice by drawing out or writing ideas down that make this imagining real. A process of prioritizing and decision making happens when you have a finite amount of money to use. This process also allows the child to evaluate what is more or less important to them and brings in the ever important reflection on "wants" and "needs." Moonjar does a great job of simply addressing this idea as well. The product also explains some pretty advanced vocabulary for younger children to understand in the story, Noom and Raj start a Business. The understanding of value gives children reasoning behind why some things cost more than others. The idea of sharing with others that don't have is a very important ethic that is stressed in the story, and the Moonjar system as well.

It is so important, especially today, to grow up with an early introduction to these money management skills. Repetitive saving for specific dreams or goals and making them come to life creates confidence. Sharing of earned or gifted money creates generosity and compassion. These are among the top traits I would like to cultivate in my child and Moonjar has them built right in.

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