Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller's Word A Day, Grades 3-5 : 180 Words to Take Your Storytelling to the Next Level
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Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller's Word A Day, Grades 3-5 : 180 Words to Take Your Storytelling to the Next Level

Ages: 7 - 11
Price: $25.00
Type: Book
By Mrs Wordsmith


Flip the page and learn a new storytelling word each day - with 180 richly descriptive words, hilariously illustrated. Become a master storyteller, one word at a time! For each of the 180 words, there is an array of ideas for how to use it, including synonyms, word pairs, and examples of the word used in classic novels. The combination of engaging and funny illustrations alongside common word pairs and synonyms help to increase the speed and efficiency of vocabulary learning and comprehension.

Review Highlights:

Storyteller's Word a Day is a fun way to enhance your child's vocabulary. In our home, we start our day off with a new word every day and learn how it's used. My children get to take turns picking the new word for the day, and teaching each other the definition. They get excited playing "teacher", and having the opportunity to re-tell it to their siblings builds up their comprehension. Sometimes, we make it a game to tell a story and use the new word in the story, and the 'Story Starters' are super helpful for this. Each page also includes synonyms and the etymology of the word - so they're learning the origins too. Our family loves it!

Storyteller's Word a Day is super easy to incorporate into your daily routine with kids. One suggestion to make it even better would be to add antonyms for each word.

We loved the colorful illustrations, large print, humorous characters, word choices, and the provided synonyms & word pairs to reiterate the word meaning. Students will learn and practice vocabulary, storytelling, grammar, and pronunciation.

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