Muscle Manual Workbook
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Muscle Manual Workbook

Ages: 18 and up
Price: $18.95
Type: Book
By Professional Health Systems


Professional Health Systems is pleased to present the ultimate Anatomy study aid. Used by both instructors and students this text can be used as an anatomy coloring book, contains thousands of fill in the blank questions and answers and allows to students to increase the level of testing difficulty as their knowledge grows. This is a book you can use for an introduction to anatomy class, clinical palpation, all the way through to advanced musculoskeletal clinical assessment and critical thinking.

Muscle Manual Student Workbook/Lab Manual

800+ High Quality Images
650+ Muscles
214 Bones
168 Ligaments
124 Vessels
76 Nerves (peripheral & cranial)
Blood supply
Nerve supply
ROM Assessment

Review Highlights:

I have seen a lot of medical textbooks and Prohealth has a very special product. Easy identification through good diagrams, origin, insertion, action, innervation, proper palpation, mobility, and strengthening were quickly accessed and reviewed.

The book and workbook with the quick reference are put together so clearly with great headings and tabs to identify where you are in the texts and quickly get to other parts. The humor is so welcomed and lightens the highly detailed subject matter and makes for a really fun read. I love the support on the website direct links with videos in the text.

As an RN and massage therapist, I felt the explanation of the kinematics with the repetitive organization of every muscle starting with origin and insertion, clinical notes, palpation, muscle testing, trigger points, and stretch and strengthening were a rythym of learning that made comprehension easier and more focused. The manual technique portion was wonderfully refreshing to see in a medical textbook.

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