Orthopedic Conditions
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Orthopedic Conditions

Ages: 18 and up
Price: $39.95
Type: Book
By Professional Health Systems


The Quick Reference Orthopedic Conditions Manual is designed as a quick reference guide for manual medicine students, practitioners & instructors, and as a companion book for the Clinical Physical Assessment Manual. This text integrates body wide common conditions and multidisciplinary treatment options including massage, mobilizations, electrotherapy, acupuncture, diet & botanicals, medications, surgery, rehabilitation, prevention, prognosis and clinic forms.

This book contains concise, easily accessible information and management protocols for most of the specific conditions seen commonly in manual medicine practice.

In addition, this text is a valuable study guide for students and practitioners preparing for OSCE exams, Provincial Board Exams, State Board Exams and National Clinical Skills Examinations.

Over 1500 Illustrations & Images
Pocket-Sized & Portable, rehab exercises & stretching
Clear Presentation & Logical Format Saves Time
Perfect for OSCE and Board Exam Review
A Must-Have for Classroom & General Practice

Review Highlights:

The manual is well written with an extensive account of orthopedic conditions of every joint and muscle group of the body. The author has presented important information, basic and advanced, in a very orderly format under subtitles that include basics, diagnosis and management which includes rehabilitation. The manual will be vital in training for assessment, diagnosis and management of orthopedic conditions which also aided with a free access to online or web source. Attached multimedia resources help in access to content even on the go for a quick reference. Emphasis on follow up is an important in clinical practice and is handled well. A final section on prognosis helps informed patient education and effective communication about management outcomes in clinical practice.

The introductory chapter lays a foundation and framework for a clinical encounter with useful tips and mnemonics and has good illustrative explanation of basics in pathophysiology of pain and tissue injury. Every section begins with important basic clinical information pertaining to history and presentation, followed by a logical stepwise approach to diagnosis and management through useful tips for assessment of severity and differential diagnoses. One section wholly devoted to acute or chronic medical conditions which are relevant for understanding medical care in the context of orthopedic diseases. Practice guidelines based on evidence informed medicine provides for more efficient management and different treatment options offered to clients for the best therapeutic outcomes. The manual is also aided by a free online content source that is updated periodically and includes instructional videos, images and quizzes.

The publication is definitely a comprehensive textbook for healthcare professionals and students involved in orthopedic care.

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