Pet Math - Real-Life Math to Owning a Pet
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Pet Math - Real-Life Math to Owning a Pet

Ages: 8 - 10
Price: $9.95
Type: Book
By Trigger Memory Company


Pet Math is a fun way to get kids, especially those who LOVE pets, engaged in math by using real-life pet responsibilities.

Each lesson offers the student a different day-to-day scenario in which mathematics can be applied to figure everything from the cost of dog food, to veterinarian bills. This is a great way to demonstrate the practical application of math with something kids love...pets!

Pet Math Workbook includes three fictional pet-related business pamphlets. These fun, colorful pamphlets are incorporated throughout the lessons for the student to research and calculate the costs of various pet-related activities such as buying pet food, grooming and veterinarian bills.

Real-Life Applications:
Money Computation
Check Writing
Budgeting Money
Discount Shopping
Price Comparison
Shopping Online
Critical Thinking

Math Skills Covered:
Area & Perimeter
Data Analysis
Story Problems
Charts & Graphs
Greater Than Lesser Than

This 70 page workbook includes: 31 pet related applicable math lessons, 2 online price comparison activities, 30 problem review test, fun comic strip math decoder, and 3 fictional, pet business pamphlets to be used throughout the workbook. This is a consumable product.

Review Highlights:

We loved the real-world aspect of this product. Pet Math teaches math concepts in a meaningful way while helping prepare kids to take care of a pet, but it also teaches them about the responsibilties, including the financial responsibilties, involved. Children learn data analysis and practice math skills such as area and perimeter, graphing, division, etc., but they also learn less commonly taught math skills such as check writing and budgeting! Hooray!

My six and nine-year-old nephew and niece came to me, their aunt, begging for a dog this summer. However, their parents wanted to find a way to teach them what it means to take care of a pet first. We used these Pet Math booklets which combine the opportunity to practice mathematical skills as well as educate them on the responsibility and financial aspect too. They have learned about food costs, grooming bills, and veterinarian expenses through graphs, charts, data analysis, and story problems. Their parents now feel like they are prepared to look after a dog, and it kept them academically engaged over the summer which will make for a smoother transition into the school year.

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