Red Rhino Nonfiction series
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Red Rhino Nonfiction series

Ages: 9 - 15
Price: $9.95 each
Type: Book
By Saddleback Educational


Red Rhino Nonfiction is the first hi-lo children's nonfiction series at a first grade reading level for students in grades 3–8. Visually appealing full-color photographs and illustrations—along with fun fact boxes—keep these books flowing. Also includes pre-reading comprehension questions along with a 20-word glossary for further reading support.

Review Highlights:

We read all the books in the set. My son liked "Monsters on Land." We enjoyed the long conversations about monsters and whether or not they are real. This book made us research "The Beast of Bray Road." We found websites and lots of information. This book was a great way for my boy to feel confident in his reading skills while reading something he enjoyed. It also let us compare monsters and research whether or not they are real.

Red Rhino books are the perfect fit for any struggling reader! The books in the set were about 2nd grade level yet the content and concepts covered were around 5th. The sentences are short and digestible. The child can read and feel successful immediately. All images were clear and well placed, carefully following the content of the book. No more than 2 paragraphs were introduced on each page, again, offering room for the child to feel successful. I like how the questions were on the back. I used those questions to scaffold my 3rd graders content knowledge in wormholes and drones. He loves both topics and actually surprised me with some good answers! After reading he was able to speak confidently about how light travels around the earth 7 times in a second, Einstein came up with the concept of wormholes and how black holes form when a star dies, and they have lots of mass! I'm an elementary school teacher with 20 plus years of experience and have seen high interest books come and go through the years. This series is by far the best yet!

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