Temple Talks about Autism and Sensory Issues
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Temple Talks about Autism and Sensory Issues

Ages: 16 and up
Price: $14.95
Type: Book
By Sensory Focus, LLC


It's your pocket guide to Temple Grandin; a great introduction to her thoughts and advice on both autism and sensory issues!

Dr. Temple Grandin is a doctor of animal science, a professor at Colorado State University, a best-selling author, an autism activist, and a consultant on animal behavior. She also invented the "squeeze machine", a device to calm the sensory systems of those on the autism spectrum. The subject of an award-winning, 2010 biographical film, Temple Grandin, she also was listed in the Time 100 list of the one hundred most influential people in the world in the "Heroes" category.

Have you even wanted to talk to Temple about the sensory issues people with autism, Asperger's, PDD and Sensory Processing Disorder deal with? Here, in this handy reference book, Temple gives a overview of what it is like to have autism and sensory difficulties, tells how she overcame her sensory issues, gives useful tips, then answers your questions in an easy to reference Q&A.

Review Highlights:

This book is an essential read and reference guide for special needs teachers, and really all teachers and parents. Temples thoughts and advice on raising/teaching children with autism and sensory processing disorders are profound and to the point. It's also a fascinating read because your basically having a chat with Temple as she answers common quesitons such as 'What should teachers keep in mind when teaching kids with autism?" "How do you deal with teasing in high school?" "Can a child be gifted and still have autism?" "How do I help my child with reading comprehension?" and many, many more.

As a special needs teacher I found the pocket guide incredibly helpful. It covers a wide variety of content including behaviors and learning, social skills, anger management, desensitization to loud sounds, sensory development, the autism brain, and even careers for adults with autism. I am very familiar with Dr. Temple Grandin's other books, and this is essentially a condensed sampling from them, but this one I keep in my desk for quick access.

If you're just getting started researching autism, start with this book.

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