Times Tables the Fun Way Book for Kids
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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

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Times Tables the Fun Way Book for Kids

Ages: 8 - 12
Price: $19.95
Type: Book
By City Creek Press, Inc.


Times Tables the Fun Way Book for Kids teaches the 0s through 9s times tables using cartoons and stories. Proven effective. Kids love the stories. For example, to teach 6x6. The story tells of twin sixes crossing the desert to visit cousins. They become very thirsty sixes which sounds like the answer to 6x6, 3

Review Highlights:

I am a homeschool mom and have taught multiplication to several kids. The upper math facts are always challenging for them to master. Times Tables the Fun Way uses pictures and stories to make the process painless! My third grade son has been working on his times tables all year and had learned most of the lower ones, but the 4, 6, 7, and 8 facts were not sticking. As the book suggested we did one story (fact) per night before bed and they stuck!!! Even my 1st grader who doesn't understand the concepts of multiplication yet remembered the story, the problem, and the answer. This is a book I will be recommending to other homeschool moms! I have already requested my local library get a copy as well!

Great concept and idea, flushed out nicely. The stories are engaging and fun, the illustrations are great, and the system works! Highly recommend this book!

My daughter (age 9) and I used Times Table the Fun Way book to review the multiplication facts and study the ones that she continues to struggle with. Times Table the Fun Way presents multiplication facts in a fun and easy way to remember through pictures and short stories that capture the imagination and attention.

This product is engaging for children within the intended age group with pictures that are cute, colorful, and creative. Stories are silly which makes them endearing and memorable. My daughter enjoyed reading the stories in the afternoon, recalling them to tell them to her Dad over dinner, and then reviewing them in the morning. My daughter was able to show greater recall of multiplication facts, specifically those with higher single-digit numbers. The author suggests the stories as a bedtime story. I enjoyed how there was a review section at the end of each section. This provides parents an opportunity to go over the stories, and to reiterate the ones that may be especially difficult for a child all within the structure of the book.

The stories and pictures are memorable. My favorite was the cheerleaders chanting, "one, two, three, four" which helps children that 3 x 4 = 12 (all the numbers of the chant..."one, two, three, four"). Even the one series, though it didn't have a story for each one multiplication fact, the picture and story of the one being a "mirror" helps children to visualize any number looking in the mirror and seeing itself (as the answer). The other thing that I liked about this product was that it provides a good definition of what multiplication means and how we use it in daily life. It even presented the terminology and definition of commutative property of addition and multiplication in easy to understand language with application. Finally, the author suggests using this teaching approach along with other additional learning activities. In looking up Times Tables the Fun Way, I found that they offer activity sheets that go along with the book to reinforce the concepts.

The concept is unique and inventive, and could easily be implemented as an additional tool for classroom teachers to utilize in teaching large groups of children multiplication.

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