To Kill a Mockingbird
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Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

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To Kill a Mockingbird

Ages: 14 - 18
Price: $80.00
Type: Book
By Weigl Publishers Inc.


Explore some of the English language's most important literary works in Lightbox Literature Studies. Each title in the Lightbox Literature Studies series, including To Kill a Mockingbird, features comprehensive teacher resources, such as rubrics and activity-oriented teacher notes that act as a springboard for teachers to guide their lesson plans. Historical documents and first hand accounts provide meaningful context to aid readers in further understanding each piece of literature and its relevance today.

Your Lightbox media enhanced book features a teacher resource that includes extension activities and teacher notes throughout. Using the access code on page 2, users can unlock an online, interactive eBook. Integrated media features, including embedded videos and weblinks, historical documents, first-hand accounts, slideshows, and contextual key word definitions, enrich the content and deepen reader engagement. Unique features of Lightbox enable students to virtually visit featured locations with Google Maps and hear the entire body of the text read aloud. Lightbox also features layered transparencies of maps, diagrams, charts, and timelines to provide students with an immersive learning experience.

Review Highlights:

An excellent resource for teaching the book! The book itself provides information on background, themes, and history, but there is a great deal of online resources as well, including an audio version of the novel, video clips, quizzes, and many interactive materials.

I love how this teacher resource provides an in depth look at so many aspects of the novel. It covers background of the author, the setting, time period and current events, and information about themes, symbolism and racism. The pictures and layout are colorful and engaging with many pictures. For teachers, the book provides a lot of ideas for class projects, research sources and in class discussion. Creating a creative and engaging lesson plan to teach the novel will be no problem with this resource at hand.

I think this is a fabulous resource with so many engaging materials available for in-classroom and out-of-classroom use. I personally learned a great deal more about the author and the time period of the novel than I did in my literature class.

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