Total Motivation ELA-Georgia
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Total Motivation ELA-Georgia

Ages: 6 - 12
Price: $14.45 per student
Type: Book, Website, Software
By Mentoring Minds


Total Motivation ELA addresses 100 percent of the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) with rigorous content designed to build critical thinking skills and prepare students to excel on the Georgia Milestones Assessment. Delivered in both print and online formats, Total Motivation ELA flexes to classroom needs, adapting as a supplemental curriculum, intervention resource, or even as for core instruction.

Available for grade levels 1-6, Total Motivation ELA engages students with high-interest reading selections and helps them progress beyond comprehension to build critical analysis skills and strong vocabularies. Activities in the Student Edition adapt for a variety of instructional settings, including whole-group, small-group, partner work, or independent practice, and are available in print and online.

The Teacher Edition equips educators with access to all of the ELA GSE, unpacked and explained, along with a wealth of instructional strategies and research-based activities that complement the Student Edition and support teachers as they plan for instruction, intervention, formative assessment, extension, and more. With these resources at their fingertips, teachers can spend more time meeting diverse needs in the classroom and less time researching lesson plans.

Review Highlights:

Total Motivation ELA is a series of book and web-based materials designed to target critical thinking skills with reading. This is a product aimed at classroom teachers, interventionists, or special education providers but I could see tutors or speech-language pathologists enjoying this material as well. This particular edition is based on the Georgia Standards of Excellence. There are 25 units for this level 5 edition as well as a glossary and a wealth of material in the Appendix sections of the Teacher Edition. The Student Edition is online but a paper copy is provided for the teacher's convenience.

I like how complete Total Motivation is for ELA instruction or supplement. Mentoring Minds have done a very nice job of integrating the Georgia Standards into assignments, discussions, responses (essays), and critical thinking exercises. The bolded GSE standards make it very easy for the teacher to convert Total Motivation units into established lesson plans that administrators can readily identify. I love that there is a clearly defined reason for each section and skills build on each other. The focus on writing, particularly extended writing, is beneficial as many districts struggle with getting more writing practice into a day's schedule. I love that so many aspects of the lesson can be broken down from whole group, to small group, to partners, to individual instruction and practice. Total motivation ELA does something extraordinary with its focus on vocabulary, especially the tricky Tier 2 words that seem to escape so many students.

I love the focus on critical thinking skills and depth of knowledge levels within reading exercises. I would love to see a version of the Total Motivation materials that specialize in students in special education classrooms or for interventionists that may use this more in a cafeteria-style "take what you like" approach. This is such a thorough resource that any teacher or school district administrator would be proud to use it and happy with its results.

Total Motivation ELA develops reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. Students first develop necessary vocabulary skills. They read paired passages and answer comprehension questions. Afterwards, they write an essay to compare the two passages. There are graphic organizers to help students complete these tasks. These activities align with the Common Core which helps with teacher planning. The activities encourage critical thinking.

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