Ranger Rick Zoobooks
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Ranger Rick Zoobooks

Ages: 6 - 12
Price: $6.99 each
Type: Book, Magazine
By National Wildlife Federation


With sharks, you have to expect the unexpected, and this book--indeed, the whole Zoobooks series--has it all. With full color illustrations and dazzling photography, Sharks, and all Zoobooks titles, cover the habits, anatomy, and habitat of the great wild world.

Review Highlights:

With Zoobooks students practice reading, writing, reading comprehension, visual inference, reading diagrams, and more. The books help spark curiosity, wonder, and excitement about the world around them. The books also promote empathy and scientific thinking while improving vocabulary.

The photography was excellent! ZooBooks is a great tool for introducing young children to the wider world of animal life. Using quick facts, easy to digest narratives, and fantastic, detailed photography, children are drawn beyond the familiar wildlife they encounter everyday and into a wider-reaching spectrum of habitats and their inhabitants.

We really loved the whole magazine. We sat down and read most of it together. My nine year old just loved it! And I loved that he was reading Ranger Rick like I did nearly 30 years ago! I'm so glad it is still in print and going strong!


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